About Us

Donna Henson unofficially began The Sublime Vine® in the Fall of 2011, when after seeing photos of some velvet pumpkins with real pumpkin stems that a dear friend had purchased while on a business trip in California, she began to experiment with making some pumpkins of her own.  She has always been "crafty" and resourceful, and enjoys creating, and due to her creative efforts over the years, friends and co-workers have occasionally referred to her as "Donna Stewart".  So, not having access to any real stems at the time, she decided to try creating her own stems.  The results of her trial and error creating her own stems, would eventually - with the persistent and enthusiastic encouragement of her husband - become the primary reason for her decision to begin her own business!

In the Fall of 2012, in order to help cope with the grief of a personally devastating family matter in February 2012, and the loss of her mother Susan on Mother's Day 2012, Donna turned her attention to focusing on her newfound creative outlet --- making decorative velvet pumpkins for herself, friends, and family. 

The Sublime Vine® "officially" began business in September 2013, when Donna marketed her pumpkins for the first time publicly, at a local artists market on the The Square, in Marietta, Georgia.  As an honor to, and in remembrance of her mother Susan Lee Clinton (1934-2012), Donna used a portion of her inheritance from her mother's estate to fund the initial start-up cost of her new business.  Were it not for the unique and original pumpkin stems, which set The Sublime Vine velvet pumpkins apart from all others in the fabric pumpkin market, Donna most likely would not have started a business making them.  Original Hand-Sculpted Stems is what distinguishes The Sublime Vine velvet pumpkins from those made by the few other velvet pumpkin companies (and the many individuals who imitate them) who use real pumpkin or gourd stems.
The Sublime Vine is located in Powder Springs, Georgia just north-west of Atlanta, and is where Donna currently creates each and every pumpkin herself in her home based business office/studio.  She currently has one loyal retailer, the White Rabbit Cottage located in Marietta, Georgia, but she plans to begin pursuing additional retailers to market her pumpkins in the upcoming new year.

The Sublime Vine® online store opened in September 2014.